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KAI. developed Japan’s next generation of razors.

The following text is a document summarizing the stories I heard from my grandfather and father.
A razor manufacturer founded by the son of Saijiro Endo, the founder of Feather Safety Razor.
The founder’s name was also named Saijiro, the same as his father’s name, which makes him the first Saijiro Endo for Kaijirushi.
When his father was president of Feather, his son, Saijiro Saijiro, told him that he wanted to make razors himself.
His father, who was the president of Feather, told him that he did not want to manufacture similar razors, but only light razors. He founded Kaijirushi and became the father of Japan’s first light razor.

The name and origin of “Kaijirushi”.
The origin of the old cutlery is the shellfish.
The shape of the shell is beautiful.
There are several reasons for the name, such as the shape of a fan.

KAI is a global company that started with razors and now manufactures a wide range of daily necessities, and now sells its products overseas as well.

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