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Japan’s proud manufacturer of safety razors

In 1932, Toshio Kosaka and Saijiro Endo established the company as a manufacturer of replacement blades in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, under the name “Seki Safety Razor Manufacturing Limited Partnership”.

Saijiro Endo ran Endo Knife Manufacturing in Seki, Japan, and made high-quality knives. However, knife sales declined due to the bankruptcy of his business partners and the Great Depression.
However, sales of knives declined due to the bankruptcy of a business partner and the Great Depression. and he became very interested in the business.
After looking at various razor businesses, he asked his business partner, Toshio Kosaka, about manufacturing razors. Toshio Kosaka was born in Seki (his maiden name was Ishida Okitaro, and his family had been in the forging business for generations. After graduating from elementary school, he apprenticed himself to Kosaka Shoten (a cutlery wholesaler) in Osaka, where he was recognized and adopted as the adopted son of Toshio Kosaka. At the time, razor blades made overseas were the mainstream, but at high unit prices. Endo Saijiro’s research mind and business acumen. The combination of Saijiro Endo’s research and business acumen and Toshio Kosaka’s business acumen led to a new business partnership in razor manufacturing. Later, two Germans found out that they had a machine in Amagasaki that could manufacture razor blades, and they purchased it. This was followed by the production of Feather’s most famous double-edged razor blades and the evolution of the company into what it is today.
From the prewar period when T-shaped razors were in their heyday to the postwar period of market liberalization, this brilliant domestic brand benefited the greatest number of Japanese people.
The products that were introduced to the market during the T-shape holder era excelled in design, materials, and processing technology, and were available in a wide variety of types.

Currently, the company manufactures a wide range of razors, medical products, and industrial products and exports them worldwide.

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A manufacturer of razors and blades used by barbers that are well received and recognized by professionals.
In recent years, the company has also been focusing on medical scalpels.


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